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When Do You Need a Sinus Lift?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by office
When Do You Need a Sinus Lift?A sinus lift, also called sinus augmentation, is the process of surgically adding bone to the upper jaw. The bone is placed between your molars and premolars. This is also the gap between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses on both sides of the nose.

The sinus membrane has to be lifted, which is why the procedure is known as a sinus lift. Here is when you would require this surgery:

Preventing Future Tooth Loss

A lost or damaged tooth can result in a weakened surrounding bone. If the sinus drops and your bone further softens, more teeth can be damaged. The loss of a single tooth can eventually result in a domino effect and promote more tooth loss in the future. In such a case, it is best to get your sinus lifted to maintain future dental health.

Rectifying Enlarged Sinuses

Sinuses can get enlarged because of chronic sinusitis or simply due to age. If you are getting dental implants, inflamed sinuses are a hazard as they are usually in the same vicinity. This increases the risk of implants thrusting through the sinus cavity. Patients with enlarged sinuses or sinuses located close to the implant areas typically need a sinus lift before they can get dental implants.

History of Gum Disease

If you have ever suffered from gum disease, you may have gone through bone loss in your jaw. This is also why people with gum disease are vulnerable to tooth loss. Your dentist is likely to prescribe an x-ray to detect whether or not gum disease has affected your jaw bone. If that is the case, you probably require a sinus lift before getting dental implants.

After you are done with a sinus lift, your dentist may provide you with saline sprays to routinely moisten the inner lining of your nose, and prescribe medicines to prevent inflammation. At Kevin Kay DDS Comprehensive Family Dentistry, Dr. Kevin Kay and can offer you expert advice based on x-ray and dental examination. Take the first step and give us a call at (425) 738-8476 today.

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