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Things to Expect When We Examine Your Mouth

Posted on 3/20/2020 by office
Things to Expect When We Examine Your MouthComing in for a dental cleaning or a mouth examination may seem daunting. Many people fear the dentist so it's normal to feel that way. However, you can manage your dental fear by preparing beforehand. We've learned patients who prepare before their visit usually end up being less fearful.

Knowing what to expect from an examination may help you manage your fear. Having the knowledge of what will happen may ease your mind. We want all of our patient's visits to be relaxing. This is why we're always willing to answer questions before your visit.

What Is an Examination Like?

A dental examination is an easy process. There's nothing to really worry about. Examinations may start off with x-rays. We may need to take x-rays depending on the last time you had them done. X-rays only take 10 minutes to complete and aren't painful at all. Once we finish x-rays, we will start inspecting your teeth.

To do this, we'll ask you to open your mouth wide so we can get a good luck. Usually, the only tool we use during an examination is a small dental mirror. The mirror helps us look at the back of your teeth. During your examination, we're mostly looking for areas where plaque has built up. We inspect all of your teeth and your gums to make sure your mouth is healthy.

Once we're finished with inspecting your teeth, we may have some recommendations. For most people, they just need a good teeth cleaning. We can help you if you need a dental cleaning as well. If you're looking for a dental cleaning, give our office a call. We'll first inspect your teeth, and then, see what areas we should focus on. Hopefully, we have helped calm some of your fear. If you have any more question, feel free to ask them at your appointment or by phone.